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The purpose of our Charity is to inform and help and our mission statement follows.

Our mission is to provide State-of-the-Art systems for the early Diagnosis, Imaging and Treatment of Cancer and other disease in UK Centres dedicated to improving Healthcare for all.

(Please help us achieve our mission in any way you can for the following reasons)

State-of-the-Art systems which are widely available abroad are vital for improving healthcare as they can scan for cancerous growths (also called tumours), detect them at an early stage and (in most types) treat them without surgery. (Further information on next page - Cancer/Breast Cancer).

They can also provide 3D colour and 'movie' images of other problems which can affect our well being, enabling better diagnosis and treatment. The images are provided by advanced computer technology and are at the forefront of 21st century medicine because they often allow minimal or non-invasive procedures in place of surgery and have been taken using MRI or Ultrasound scanners which involve no radiation exposure, such as X-ray.

Equally importantly, when surgery is required these images can be shown on screen in theatre before, during and after surgery, and statistically this imaging has shown to reduce mortality, and improve treatment and outcomes.

In summary, State-of-the-Art systems are improving healthcare by enabling the comprehensive and accurate Diagnosis, Imaging and Treatment of disease and without radiation exposure, to the benefit of patients and clinicians.

(Note: In this website, if there are any medical terms you do not understand please click on the name (in blue) and a description will be displayed. The purple links connect to websites containing supplementary information).

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